Whether it’s old pitted concrete or a brand new slab we offer multiple solutions tailored to your project. Between polyurea chip coatings or concrete polishing we can do it all.

We use heavy diamond tooling that makes your concrete porous, repair any defects and then give it the quality finish it deserves. With state of the art hepa vacuum equipment we leave your jobsite clean and ready to use.  We are highly skilled and experienced applying these floor systems in homes, industrial and commercial spaces.

When you contact N.E.W Coatings, it is our job to understand your desired outcome, application and budget prior to making recommendations for you. We would love to give you a great looking, highly durable floor no matter what space, even in our harsh climate.


Concrete floors aren’t the most beautiful to look at but are often a necessary component of showrooms, lobbies, and other commercial spaces because of their durability. Any space with a significant amount of foot traffic or constant movement of heavy items requires the heavy-duty properties concrete can provide. But how do you make these spaces look inviting when the flooring is a dull, drab gray? The answer is concrete polishing.

At N.E.W Coatings, we can perform this service throughout North Eastern, WI to give your flooring a glossy look that’s more aesthetically pleasing than the standard concrete floor. The polishing process involves a highly specialized form of grinding to bring out a shine and make your space look more professional.


Our dedicated and professional staff are here to help whatever your inquiry may be. Phone, text or email, reach out and let us help you.

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